Make a Reservation

Persons interested in reserving the Facilities can start their reservation request by choosing a facility below. Upon receipt of a Reservation Request, the Program Manager shall hold the requested date for the proposed event for a period of thirty (30) days from receipt of the request if the dates are available. The event organizer must pay a License deposit during this thirty (30) day hold in order to secure the Facilities. If the event organizer fails to pay the deposit within the stated time frame, the hold shall be lifted and the date and/or Facilities shall once again be available to other parties.

The Program Manager reserves the right to deny a License for up to sixty (60) days prior to and/or thirty (30) days after another similar event, if in the Program Manager’s opinion, there would be an excessive or unfair degree of competition as a result of similar events occurring in the same promotional time period.

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Map Space Dimensions Sq Ft. 8' x 10' Exhibits Max Capacity Daily Rate
(Electric Surcharge)
Grounds Facilities Map